Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Change of plans, Mr Sparks, and 31 Days to Being a "Real' Writer

Day 2 in my October adventure. 31 Days to Being a "Real" Writer.
Today is also my beloved friend's birthday. So, in honor of Greg Sparks, I am changing the plans I had for this post. If you know Greg, you know the change of plans is apropos!

Here is Greg's Facebook status update: If you would, instead of just saying Happy Birthday, which I welcome, mention some memory you have that we either shared, or you have of me. Only because my mind can't contain all the wonderful events of 54 years, and I need reminders of what, when, where, and who.

Who is Greg Sparks to me? He and his beautiful wife Rebecca are the worship leaders at Crossfire and I am blessed to sing with them.  Their music and ministry has touched my heart since I first saw them in concert 15 years ago.

But those words are insufficient.
To know Greg Sparks as a Christian brother is to be blessed and challenged and humored in the same instance.
Greg is at once beautifully simple (in the best way) and astoundingly complex (in the best way).  
His musical abilities are nothing short of genius. He can arrange harmonies and instrumental parts for the entire band on a whim...and in the next moment forget what song we are working on.
On Sunday morning, he drives 50 minutes, creates a whirlwind rehearsing 5 songs with the band, working on the lights and sound board, rushing rushing rushing right up to 9:45am. But when the service starts, when he is worshiping God, Greg can sing a song or speak a word that penetrates cold hearts and brings people to the throne of the Almighty.

Greg is firm in his beliefs, but never a tyrant. I love that about him.
Greg has the fire of God's love in his heart, and he always uses it for good. I don't know anyone more willing to help a person in need, more willing to reach out to those who have been marginalized by society. He doesn't (like many other Christians) use the fire to burn people, but to create warmth that draws them into God's family.  I love that about him.
No one could ever question how much Greg Sparks loves his wife and adores his children. He talks openly about it . More importantly, he lives it. He extends that love, loyalty, and protection to his friends. I love that about him.
Greg seems to exist in a place where people's idiosyncrasies are non-existent. He isn't bothered by things that irritate most of us. I am astounded by that. And when I want him to share irritation and he doesn't, I am frustrated by it. But in the end, I love that about him.

Is living with him a piece of cake? I doubt it. Rebecca will probably confirm that a musical genius with ADD who wants to stop and help everyone in need but can't ever find his glasses is not, in fact, a piece of cake.
More like a banana split...some hot stuff, some cold stuff, lots of flavor, a little fruit.
Greg Sparks is self-effacing, funny, supremely comfortable in his own skin, funny when he doesn't mean to be, a loving husband/father/grandfather/brother/friend.
And I love that about him.

Happy Birthday, Greg!
May God bless us all by giving you many more years.

And thanks for challenging me by changing my writing plan today. "Real" writers can adept to new topics quickly!

To my 31 readers...we will talk again soon.

BP :)

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Amy said...

You know, he really rocks that shaved head!

This morning I had a post ready to run (wrote it yesterday). I'd rested on my laurels and picked an easy topic because all of a sudden... I went blank on the unbelievable amount of material I had to draw on.

I wrote a new post today, and I'm much happier with it.