Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Advice to a Younger Me...am I listening? {Day 8}

Here we are on Day 8 of 31, Examining My Heart

Just as an aside…I misspell examining almost every time I write it. You have words like that, don’t you?

A friend posted a Facebook inquiry today: What advice would you give to a woman 10-20 years younger than you?

Since I don’t know the woman in question, I can only imagine what advice I would go back twenty years and give myself.

It made me think…and look inside.

How about you? Is that a provocative question?

The very first and loudest thing I would say is that time really does fly. The years spin faster with each one that passes. It is a lesson lost on the young.

Thankfully, I am still here to be able to say the past twenty years have gone quickly. Others I love are not.

People are finite. Love them now.

And make sure they love you back. In a healthy way for both of you. Or love them from a distance. You are finite as well.

I would tell myself to heed my gut. Not always without examination. But understand that there are some things you just know. You know them immediately. You know that you know that you know.
Others might not believe it.
Others might do things that change the appearance of what you know.
But don’t let that cause doubt.

I would tell myself to watch my gut. The physical one. Maintenance is easier than repair.

I would tell myself that paying attention, listening to people is better than giving them a tangible gift. And finding people who listen with their heart is giving yourself a gift.

There are a dozen things I would say about money, use of time, family, education, avocation…but what is the most important?

What did I most need to know twenty years ago?

That God loves me…that it is important to love myself…vital, even.
That I am a unique, unrepeatable miracle…no one else can be me…no one else has the combination of gifts I have, so no one else can do what I can do.

THAT is the most important thing I have learned in the past twenty years.

And by the way, the same words apply to you.
Do you know that?

20, 40, 60…it is never too late to learn.

What would you tell a 20 years younger version of yourself?

The answer might give you a glimpse into your heart.
Think about it. And listen.

We will talk again tomorrow…

I’m participating with The Nester in 31 Days of Examining My Heart.
This is Day 4.
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