Sunday, October 6, 2013

BUCS WIN! BUCS WIN!...and the lure of "easy" {Day 6}

Oct 6

It’s would be easy to skip posting today. The hour is late. I am tired.

I am also committed. And still hyped up about my Bucs winning today.

I LOVE my Pittsburgh Pirates. Loved them as a kid, through the 80’s drug scandals, for the past 20 years of losing…just always loved them

Jumping off the bandwagon was never really an option for me, although I understand why some folks did.
PNC Park opened in 2001. It is a terrific ballpark in a beautiful city. People came for the atmosphere. And because the Pirates have a talented promotional staff, people came for bobble-heads and fireworks and Kool and The Gang and kids running the bases after the game and pup night…but rarely for the baseball.

The drudgery of so much losing was compounded by the fact that management didn’t seem to care. There was an unwillingness to pay big salaries. Each time a player had a great year, he was traded to avoid a large salary increase.

But fans still attended. Not sell –outs every game, but enough to make money for the club.
So, while fans were suffering though endless losing, the owners were taking the easy way out and still making money.

In 2008, new owners took over…and while we couldn’t see it immediately, a shift had begun. We had five more losing seasons, but 2011 and 2012 were at least filled with hope until late in the season.

The fans were tired of “easy” and just having nice surroundings. Thankfully, the new owners were too.

Easy isn’t always best. Easy doesn’t always win.

So, here I sit at 11:10 PM, still excited because we are one game from the National League Championship Series. We won 94 games in the regular season. The Bucs are back!

And I sit here because I have chosen “easy” too often.
Easy to not post a blog because it’s only one time and I haven’t missed yet.
Easy to not exercise because I am tired.
Easy to make bad food choices because it’s someone’s birthday.
Easy to go off the budget because there is a sale.

Easy to allow mediocrity because, well, it’s easier. Doesn’t require much of me. Doesn’t ruffle feathers.

I have sometimes been like the previous Pirate owners – don’t want to pay the price.

But today I choose differently.

How about you?
Do you ever choose “easy”? Do you settle for “good” when “best” is within reach but would stir up your world a bit?

Maybe it’s just me…

Today is Oct 6.

My Pirates won…again.

I am reminded the best things generally don’t come from a box marked “easy.”

Do you agree?

We will talk again tomorrow…


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This is Day 6.
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