Saturday, October 12, 2013

Distractions, Desire,and Fall Gardening {Day 12}

I missed posting yesterday.
I made a commitment to post every day in October. 31 Days of Examining My heart.
And I missed yesterday.

Follow through. I wrote about it before.
It has been a long-standing challenge.

So the million dollar question is…why?

Why do I let distraction sidetrack me? That could be the question.

There have been times when it has been suggested to me that I am not really equipped to pursue writing and motivational speaking as a vocation. Not because I don’t have the gifts.
Because I don’t have the necessary desire.
So that could be the question.

These are both worthy of consideration, given that the topic for the month is Examining My Heart.

Working with my hands provides a wonderful opportunity to think…examine, if you will.
Today it was lawn work.

There is a bitter sweet feeling surrounding fall gardening. Planting bulbs creates an anticipatory feeling.

But then there is the cutting down…the thinning out.
And the hidden weeds…underneath, intertwined in the peonies and the day lilies and the black-eyed Susan.

Nothing of that feels anticipatory in the least.
Or does it?

The Bible says every plant will be pruned. Those that don’t produce will be trimmed in order to stimulate growth. Those that already bear fruit will be trimmed to produce even more.

A sizable amount of time and effort goes into trimming/shaping the fire bushes, holly bushes and ornamental grass in my yard. But I do it, because I want my yard to look nice. I want to be a good steward of this blessing. So I trim and pull weeds and thin and carry it all away…and feel tired but satisfied with the result.

The bonus is that while all this good stuff is happening, I get to think.

I think about those questions.

Do I want to write and speak? Do I have the desire to put in the effort?

That answer is a resounding YES. Absolutely. No doubt.

I have a book to write and ideas to share and people to help.


Which leaves the question of distractions…

I wander around the yard one more time…thinking about the weeds I didn’t know were there…thinking about thinning out the lilies and feeling bad because I didn’t replant all of them…

Then THEN THEN…thinking about how clean the beds are…how much better the shrubs look and how much easier it will be to put Christmas lights go on them…

There isn’t room for everything. Weeds can’t be allowed to steal nutrients from flowers. Shrubs shouldn’t be so unruly that they distract from Christmas decorations.

Trimming takes time and effort. Thinning also takes willingness to accept that while it seems as if the plant is being reduced, it is actually being given a chance to be stronger.



Lots to ponder…lots to do.

How about you? Can you think of anything that needs to be pruned or thinned out?    
Yeah, I thought so.

We will talk again tomorrow…we surely WILL
And one day soon we will talk twice, because i WILLget 31 posts in this month!

I’m participating with The Nester in 31 Days of Examining My Heart.
This is Day 10.
You can find all 31 Dayers here. There are so many wonderful topics.
If you miss any days in the series, you can find the introduction and each day's post here.

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