Monday, October 7, 2013

Examining My Heart for a wasted 5 minutes...{Day 7}

I don’t like to pluck my eyebrows.
Truthfully, I don’t know anyone who does. It is a necessary task. And it hurts!

It is also like a number of other unpleasant chores in that if I devoted just 5 minutes every couple days it would never get out of hand.

I am a master of doing that with cleaning…10 minutes in the kitchen, a quick trip around the floor with a Swiffer. Of course, I still do “big” cleaning, but not as often – and my house is generally clean.

I just won’t do that with my eyebrows…and some other things.

Five minutes isn’t much, really. Assuming you sleep 8 hours, you get 192 sets of “5 minutes” every day.
Think of the possibilities…what can I do in 5 minutes?
Unload the dishwasher?
Fold a load of towels?
Read from a devotional?
Pray or meditate?

Part of 31 Days of Examining My Heart is to see how I spend my time. The answer to that says something about my character.
Even more confronting to me is how often I waste 5 minutes, then say I “don’t have time” to get to important things.

How about you?

At the risk of offending, I don’t want to mention the ways I feel I waste time each day – it might not be a waste to you.

But we all do it. We all give pieces of our non-refundable, limited time to silly things.

And we skip things that could make a difference. Quiet time. Talking to a special child. Walking barefoot in the grass.
And yes, plucking our eyebrows.

5 minutes a day.

I am going to pick just two things for tomorrow. Start small.

How about you? How can 5 minutes a couple times a day change your life?

We will talk again tomorrow…

I’m participating with The Nester in 31 Days of Examining My Heart.
This is Day 4.
You can find all 31 Dayers here. There are so many wonderful topics.
If you miss any days in the series, you can find the introduction and each day's post here.

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