Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Father Hopko returns...and maybe a smile {Day 15}

Here we are at the halfway point of the October blog project. It has been a challenge some days. Better stated, I have made it a challenge, putting lots of pressure on myself to be “on” every day. Not simply post, but put lots of effort.

Don’t get me wrong…writing is my passion. I love it. I need it. But sometimes I labor over it.

Today – no laboring. Stream of consciousness. Well, almost.

Yesterday we looked at another of Father Hopko’s 55 Maxims for Christian Living: Don’t complain, mumble, murmur or whine.

Sometimes I complain. C’mon – you do too.

Here is the crazy part – generally the complaints are about silly things that either don’t matter or are out of my control.
Sure, I grumble and murmur about this financial litigation that can’t seem to come to resolution. That is kind of a big deal for me. I can almost justify that complaint.

But the little, unnecessary grumbles First World really get me…
Low mobile phone signal, cable is out, favorite restaurant is busy so I have to choose from any of the other 35 restaurants nearby, manicurist doesn’t have the exact nail color I want, there is a line at the bank…5 minutes after it opens…the day after a holiday (what did you THINK was going to happen??)

Unnecessary complaining that drags the spirit down. Insidiously so.
Wait…am I complaining about complaining?

So today, let’s move on to another maxim from Fr Hopko:
33. Be cheerful

This one is easier for me. Word on the street is that I am pretty darn cheerful.
For real.

It wasn’t always so. There have been long stretches of time when I could have starred in The Opposite of Cheerful. I’m talking Academy Award worthy performance.

But why? Aint nobody got time for that!!

Life is flying by quickly.

Get happy.
Do it now.
Be cheerful – even if you have to fake it.

Go on…clap your hands, nod your head, stomp your feet!

I am doing all three…especially because this post was nothing but FUN!

We will talk again tomorrow…

I’m participating with The Nester in 31 Days of Examining My Heart.
This is Day 15.
You can find all 31 Dayers here. There are so many wonderful topics.
If you miss any days in the series, you can find the introduction and each day's post here.

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