Thursday, October 3, 2013

It is what it is...maybe singing can change that {Day 3}

It is what it is.

Popular saying…and, in many ways, true. Acceptance of one’s current situation is certainly important.

Sometimes I don’t accept…I obsess. I become consumed.
Sometimes I think and think and think about what is, about what I can see right in front of my face.

To be honest, I mostly do this when I don’t like what “is” at the moment.

That’s how I have felt for the past few weeks…I have “focused” myself right into a hole.
How about you? Do you ever become so consumed with a current unfavorable, uncomfortable reality that you get lost in it?
I thought so.

So these words smacked me in the head today:
Nothing has to remain the way it is, and nothing is the way it is forever unless and until you say so.

There are a couple very difficult situations in my life right now. I don’t like the way they are going. I want it to change. NOW.
And I have been unhappy.
Have, in fact, refused to be anything but unhappy.

How about you? Ever done that?

I refused to entertain any happiness. Doing so might show acceptance of the things I don’t like.  Silly, isn’t it, to believe that being miserable might change the situation. Refuse to laugh, refuse to sing, refuse to shine any amount of light.

How about you? Ever done that?

Then I happened on a video. Nothing profound. It was a guy singing in traffic, dancing in the driver’s seat, engaging fellow drivers. It made me smile, in spite of myself.

I thought about someone who sings and dances while cooking and cleaning. It made me smile, in spite of myself.

I am going to try it…singing…dancing…allowing myself to be happy.
The situations haven’t changed. They are still difficult beyond words. I am distracted and scared and my heart hurts.
Unhappiness doesn’t change that.

Nothing has to remain the way it is, and nothing is the way it is forever unless and until you say so.

It is what it is…until it isn’t.

I know how I hope things will go. I don't know when that will happen, but the nbest case scenario will be my focus

I am going to see if good vibrations can help turn things in my favor…the grumpiness sure isn't helping. 

Will you join me?

Travelin’ along here’s a song that we’re singing…C’mon get Happy!

We will talk again tomorrow…


I’m participating with The Nester in 31 Days of Examining My Heart.
This is Day 2.
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